Automatic Writing

I have recently discovered the ability to do automatic writing.  It’s important for you to know that ordinarily I am not a fluent writer.  Rather, I pour over stacks of books, browse the internet, make lots of notes, develop an outline, and re-write umpteen times.  It is a very slow and painful process for me.

What I have discovered in automatic writing is that the process is very fluid and the thoughts are often much more graceful than my own manner of speech.  Not only that, but there seems to be a more profound message than what I believe I am personally capable of expressing.

Years ago I attempted automatic writing without success.  I would sit with pen in hand and paper ready and I would wait for some force to take over and physically take my hand and do the work.  Because nothing happened I assumed that you had to have some special gift that made it work.

I’ve learned over time that we all have gifts working through us every day but that we don’t often take the time to notice them.  By quieting our mind, becoming aware of our physical being, and sitting in the present moment we become aware of many things about ourselves that we otherwise wouldn’t notice.  I learned that for me automatic writing meant taking the thoughts that came in these quiet moments and typing them into my computer is what works.  No spirit takes my hands or body and does the work.  We are the spirits and I, co-creators.  They speak and I transcribe.

What follows here is what spirit told me about automatic writing.

Message from Spirit

Man has never lost the ability to communicate with spirit.  It has gradually been taught out of him by denial.  This denial has come from those who through fear have lost their ability to communicate with us.

To be successful one must open their consciousness to the possibility that they can do it.  They must ask for our assistance and invite in the assistance they desire.  We don’t care how they choose to write.  For some, it is in pictures, either very simple or very elaborate.  For others it is by hand using some writing instrument.  And for others it is by typing into some appropriate device. 

Automatic writing is simply another way to communicate.  Some people use pendulums, dowsing rods, Ouija boards or other physical devices.  Others simply speak the messages we give them.  It’s all communication.

What is important to us is the message we bring.  How that message is expressed into the world is up to you.  Some people are artists, some are writers, and some are speakers.  We communicate with all who are open.  We ask that you write it as it is given to you.  That’s all.

Skeptics would like you to believe that you are clever.  They prefer to think there is trickery involved because to accept the truth reveals their own inner weakness.  Skeptics cannot communicate with us because they are not open to spirit.  They have forgotten where they come from.  This is fear.  This is ego.

Just know that all who are open to spirit can hear our message.  Yes, sometimes we take hold of the hand to make it happen.  For others we put pictures in their mind that they will manifest as art.  For still others we give them the words to speak or write as we dictate.

This is our message to you; be open to spirit and we will come.

About Sandra TePoel, Msc.D.

I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2 practitioner, a Chakradance (TM) facilitator, and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science. My philosophy is “Think from the Heart and find the answers within”. See my website for details:
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