Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Joy and happiness are often experienced in what I call the cracks of life, those precious moments generally experienced with friends and family. These unique moments of intimacy are unlike the ordinary and mundane activities that fill most of our time and they are what brings satisfaction and meaning to our lives. However, there can be times when certain experiences take place that dissolve friendships and tear families apart. Things like this happen in everyone’s life and we all look for answers. Sometimes those answers can be found in your past, further back than you ever imagined, in a past life. You may be unconsciously aware of traumatic events or unresolved relationships whose influence has been carried over into this life and it could be that they are what are preventing you from having positive outcomes now.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can shed light into your life by bringing forward clarity, understanding, and healing no matter which life your discomfort is coming from. Using me as your facilitator, QHHT will open a conversation between your Conscious Self and your High Self. Your High Self knows what has happened to you throughout eternity and how other lives affect you in the one you are living now. Your High Self has the power to remove karmic energy that can keep you from creating the joy and happiness you deserve.

Some of the benefits you may experience from QHHT:

  • Recognize synchronicities you experience
  • Overcome self-limiting fears
  • Understand your challenges and opportunities
  • Clarify your relationships
  • Know your purpose for this life
  • Answer questions you’ve always had like:
    • What am I?
    • Where am I from?
    • Why am I here?
    • Why do some people feel so familiar?
  • Get answers you need right now, like:
    • Should I leave my job?
    • Should I change careers?
    • Am I living in the best place for me?
    • Should I stay in my relationship?
  • Free yourself from inaccurate opinions, conclusions, and judgments
  • Understand the natural process of birth and death
  • Experience mental and physical healing by your High Self
    • Know the cause of your current discomfort
    • Healing may be immediate
    • Healing may be subtle and incremental over time
    • You may learn to heal your own mind and body
    • You may discover a Higher Purpose for the discomfort you experience

The healing power of QHHT is phenomenal. The answers and the healing come from your own High Self. It works for your best interests and wants you to be happy and fulfilled. How awesome is this!


 Julia Cannon on the Healing Power of QHHT

QHHT instructor and practitioner Julia Cannon reveals the key component in receiving instant healing from a QHHT session: You!


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