Group Past Life Regression

Group past life regression is a fun and easy way to experience hypnosis and discover a past life that has information you can use right now to provide insight into a question you are currently contemplating. While participants are sitting in a comfortable position or reclining on a chair, or even the floor, the group is guided through a few visualizations and then into the past life selected by each person’s own High Self. Each person will have an experience unique to them and will have an opportunity to share if they want to during the Q&A that follows.

If time and interest permit, it is also possible to experience a progression into a future life!

This is NOT a full Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session as described in Dolores Cannon’s books. The full QHHT experience is only available in a private session.  However, this is a group technique that she developed and used in her own public presentations.

Planning a Group Session

Venue: You provide a meeting place, usually your home. Be sure you have a room that is quiet and away from other members of the family. You won’t want to be jarred out of your peaceful place by the sounds of a phone ringing or those pesky TV commercials! You won’t want pets wandering through either.

Participants: You invite friends and family to join in the fun. The minimum age is 18 years old and the minimum group size is 5 people. The maximum number of participants is up to you and the space you have available. You need room enough for all participants to sit or lay (perhaps on the floor) comfortably. You’ll also want to ensure that your participants arrive early or on time. Late comers are disruptive to the process and are strongly discouraged as they will adversely influence the experience of every guest.

Recording:  Absolutely no recording is allowed during this program.

Length of Session: Plan on approximately 2 hours. Larger groups and groups interested in both past and future lives may want to plan more time.

Refreshments: This is entirely up to you. If you choose to serve adult beverages they should only be offered after the presentation as they will adversely influence your guests experience.

Fees: 5-7 participants @ $30 per person or 8+ participants @ $25 per person

Travel Charge: Rochester, MN – no charge, within 50 miles-$20, between 51-100 miles-$40. For other locations please email your request for pricing.

Have questions or want to book a group session:  Call me at (507) 923-1826 or send email with your request or questions.  When emailing be sure to include your full name and the best phone number and time for me to call you.

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