Dolores Cannon

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a unique method of hypnosis that communicates directly with the Higher Self. This method of hypnosis was developed over a period of 45 years by Dolores Cannon (1931-2014).

The practice of hypnosis is not a modern discovery. Its concepts, beliefs and practices have been documented since prehistoric times. The term hypnosis only came into widespread use in the 1880’s in France; 20 years after the death of James Braid, who adopted the term hypnotism in 1841.

Hypnosis is generally described as a trance-like state in which one has heightened focus and concentration. When in this state one becomes highly subject to suggestion and direction. Hypnosis has typically been used to recover repressed memories and to achieve behavior modification, such as weight loss and the cessation of smoking.

Dolores Cannon began her hypnosis practice doing just that, weight loss and smoking cessation. She unintentionally discovered that one of her clients had slipped into a past life memory. After much investigation, Cannon found that it was possible to intentionally regress her clients into a past life and that information obtained from that life could be used to explain and assist in the resolution of difficulties in the current life.

As Cannon continued to explore the amazing past lives of her clients she made other discoveries. Not only did have clients have earthly lives, some had lives as extraterrestrials and as various spiritual beings. She even discovered that some were aware of the time they spent between physical lives. Needless to say these discoveries have been highly controversial as they call into question everything we think we know about the universe! Cannon was careful in how she investigated this material and did not share any findings that had not been replicated in many individuals of various race, ethnic, spiritual, economic and educational backgrounds. She literally travelled the world in search of information and confirmation of her findings.

Cannon continued to make even more discoveries as she worked with what was becoming thousands of clients. She discovered that the conscious mind of the client could step aside and allow the Subconscious or Higher Self to communicate. This Subconscious (SC) was all knowing. Not only could the SC provide details about the life and needs of the client, but it could also provide a wealth of information about virtually anything the client wanted to know. This was a huge leap forward in the world of hypnosis because it took those things that we know intuitively and through meditation and prayer, and gave them a loud clear voice that could be recorded and listened to over and over again to really get the message we need to hear.

Cannon had taken hypnosis from behavior modification to past life regression and into direct contact with the Subconscious, Higher Self, the Source, the Creator! But, that was not the end. The final breakthrough was the discovery that when in contact with the Subconscious, healing of the physical mind and body was also possible. Possible rather than assured because every individual has a purpose for this life and lessons they are to learn. Sometimes the physical condition of the body was part of the individual’s life plan.

Time and again the SC has told Cannon to remember that we are all spirits having a human experience. We came into this life with a script, a plan for what we wanted to accomplish. Because we have free will, the script can change as we go about living. When we feel lost and unsure, we now have QHHT to help us remember who we are and what we are here to achieve.

**Dolores Cannon has authored 19 books containing some of the most amazing and inspiring stories that have come from thousands of QHHT sessions with her clients from all over the world.

**Julia Cannon is Dolores’ daughter, a registered nurse and author of Soul Speak; The Language of Your Body. The information in her book comes from years of working with her mother and from QHHT sessions she herself has conducted. She now carries on the legacy of Dolores Cannon through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.