I had read a few of Dolores Cannon’s books and had become really interested in the information that was coming from them.  I was curious and wanted to undergo a QHHT session myself.  Most practitioners in the radius of where I live are far away and had a hefty price of admission.  Which made me hesitant to do a session.  I put it off for quite some time until one of my youtube viewers put me in touch with Sandee.

Sandee was very honest and open from the start.  In our chat before the session she talked about her analytical background, which I could really relate to.  I was a little worried that being in my head and thinking would somehow make it harder to undergo hypnosis, this was not the case.  She also told me about how her own session went and what to expect when I’m in that state.  I felt very open and comfortable talking about many different things that I would not normally talk to anyone about (Ex. Aliens, Jesus, Frequency Shifts, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, New Earth). This is a huge plus because you need to be open with your practitioner to share information you are seeing in your QHHT session. Her attention was 100% focussed on the session and getting answers to my questions!

Thanks for a great experience Sandee!




Thank you Sandee for allowing me a rich and informative QHHT experience!  You explained the process well and allowed me time to get comfortable and to ask questions before we started. Since, I have tried various other hypnotic experiences in the past; I felt that I was prepared for whatever outcome I experienced. Boy, I was wrong about that; you took me to a more aware state of being that allowed me to experience various lifetimes of incredible clarity.   When, we finished, I felt that I “remembered” much of what happened, however upon listening to the recording, I found I had already forgotten much.  There was a deep metaphysical resonance with the experiences that paralleled my quest for spiritual understanding in this lifetime. 

A few weeks after the hypnosis, I began to notice an increasing awareness of how my life pathways are congruent with my daily life experience. I feel more comfortable with a variety of ways of expressing and expanding upon my growing spiritual awareness.   Simply put, I’m more comfortable in my skin and mind.  My current life pales in recognition of the universal patterns at play. 

Many months after the hypnosis, I revisited the recording and am reminded of the process of learning and teaching inherent in each lifetime. I continue to learn from this experience.  I feel more deeply anchored to this self that remembers – allowing me more peace and all the time I want on my life journey.    This is a true and deep healing.   

Thank you Sandee for sharing your soft, engaging process with me!  You are a truly skilled and trusted practitioner who creates a climate where vulnerability leads to self- awareness and knowledge.  Your voice, kindness, skill and patience carried me through. 

With on-going deep appreciation, Nancy C